Dingbats Notebook Review

Dingbats* sent me one of their beautiful notebooks way back in March to give my opinion. It has been on my to-do list every month since, and I'm sure it is going to feel really great to finally check it off! I hope you'll meet a potential contender for your next notebook. This thing is amazing!

The company itself is pretty nifty. They are big fans of being friendly to the environment. Other than having gorgeous stamped pictures of animals on their covers, they don't use animals in any way to test their notebooks. :-) I was very impressed with the feel and quality of this red A5 Wildlife Notebook with dotted pages. The cover is thick and soft in a leather-like material. It feels amazing to the touch.

Dingbats* was established in Lebanon in 1800, and the company is still family-owned-and-operated. The notebook division was formed in London in 2012 and has been a big hit in the States in across Europe and Asia. They have recently expanded into new markets and are enjoying the same success, thanks to their high-quality notebooks that people love.

I think the little animal footprints on the front and back cover pages are just adorable. There are places to write information before you start into the dotted blank pages for journaling, like this title page.

Something else that pleasantly-surprised me was the paper quality! Compared to other widely-used notebooks that have 80GSM thickness, these Dingbat* Notebooks have 100GSM! The thickness makes for a much nicer book with thicker paper better for dealing with pens (yes...even fountain pens!).

I noticed that instead of page numbers, these flower icons are in each page corner. If you like to have an index, you'll need to self-number your pages.

And, of course, the question on everyone's mind: how does it compare to the Leuctturm1917? In size, the Dingbats* is slightly more substantial. They are both A5 notebooks, but the Dingbats* is slightly-larger in height and width. Dingbats* touts its cream paper, but you can see here that it's whiter than the Leuctturm...which is a huge plus for me! I like as white as I can get with my paper so the colors of my pens and markers come out true. The Dingbats* notebook had thicker, whiter paper than the Leuctturm. Already a plus!

Here is another shot of the dot grids in each notebook. I love how crisp the Dingbats* paper looks next to the lighter-and-creamier Leuctturm1917. You will probably wonder how you ever used 80GSM paper, once you use a notebook with thicker paper!

Because it's thicker, the notebook has fewer pages than a Leuctturm1917. Dingbats* has 96 pages, with 192 pages total available for front-and-back use. This is about 50 pages fewer than the Leuctturm, but I would always take quality over quantity! The thicker paper makes the fewer pages totally worth it! Dingbats* paper is archival-quality and acid-free. Your pens will love it, too.

Dingbats* has a wide variety of notebook options. In addition to this hard-bound Wildlife design, they also have the very-popular traveler-sized Pocket Notebooks with a selection of covers from which to choose. And, even though this Wildlife notebook comes with binding that allows it to lay flat with use, they also have Spiral-bound Notebooks with all the same options for paper inside. You can select blank, lined, dotted, or grid paper, for whatever use you have in mind!

And, of course, the Dingbats* is loaded with extra goodies. There is a storage pocket on the inside back cover, an elastic strap to keep things together when not in-use, and even a pen holder to take your show on the road.

Overall, I would pick the Dingbats* notebook over the Leuctturm any day. The paper is thick and smooth, and the cover feels nice and professional and worthy all the time you spend in a journal. They are also a steal at $19.95, and you can get 10% off your first order with code giveme10! The Dingbats* A5 is a gorgeous option, and you'll probably never be able to go back to thinner paper again.

When you're in the market for your next notebook, consider the Dingbats* a real contender!

*** I was sent this notebook to review and have not been compensated in any way by Dingbats*. All of these opinions are my own and are not impacted by receiving a free notebook. Though I don't mind getting free stuff at all, I was impressed with what I was sent and wanted to share my thoughts on its potential! ***